Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #561 - 11/23/11

Billboard 200 Number One Albums, 1975-79

1. Go to 96 and 98 St. Mark's Place in New York City to see the cover of this Led Zeppelin album that hit Number One for six weeks in Spring 1975.
2. This autobiographical song cycle by Elton John was the first album ever to debut on the charts at Number One.
3. Elton's next album, that included "Island Girl," also debuted at Number One - what was it?
4. The first Chicago album I ever owned hit Number One in December 1975...what number was it?
5. This Greatest Hits album, featuring a bird skull on the cover, hit Number One in the spring of 1976 and is now one of the top selling albums in rock history.
6. This singer/guitarist, virtually unknown in the United States before releasing a live album in 1976, saw that album hit Number One on four different occasions in 1976.
7. His Songs in the Key of Life double album was Number One for thirteen consecutive weeks in the fall of 1976 and winter of 1977, and then spent one more week at Number One.
8. This Barbra Streisand soundtrack was Number One for six weeks in the winter of 1977.
9. What album spent more weeks at Number One than any other album in 1977?
10. From January through July 1978, this soundtrack album, featuring groups like the Bee Gees, Tavares, Kool and the Gang, and KC and the Sunshine Band, was the Number One album.
11. What other movie soundtrack spent twelve non-consecutive weeks at Number One in the summer and fall of 1978?
12. This rock 'n' roll band's second album went to Number One in the fall of 1978, but amazingly, their first, from 1976, did not.
13. Besides the Number One spot, where would you find Billy Joel in the late fall of 1978?
14. This Bee Gees album spent six weeks at Number One in the spring of 1979.
15. What singer from Boston was Number One with Bad Girls for most of the summer of 1979?
16. They went In Through The Out Door all the way to Number One in the fall of 1979.
17. This Eagles album was the last Number One album of the 70s.

Bonus: What album by two comedians in character went to Number One in the winter of 1979?

Good Luck!!!

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