Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #559 - 11/9/11

Billboard 200 Number One Albums, 1965-1969

1. Appropriately enough, this Beatles release was Number One for most of January and February 1965.
2. The soundtrack from what Julie Andrews movie was Number One for fourteen weeks in the spring of 1965?
3. This was the first Rolling Stones album to go to Number One, in August 1965.
4. Famous for its album cover, Whipped Cream and Other Delights hit Number One in late 1965 for what group?
5.This military officer had a Number One album for six weeks in 1966 with his Ballads of the Green Berets.
6. Here's another album with an infamous cover, by the Beatles, that went to Number One in July and August 1966.
7. This TV group sang, but didn't play, on their first Number One album at the end of 1966 and their second Number One for most of 1967.
8. Considered by many to be the greatest album of all time, this Beatles album was Number One for all of July, August, and September 1967.
9. These Motown superstars had a Number One Greatest Hits album for five weeks in late 1967.
10. Fans rolled up to buy this Beatles album that was Number One for all of January and February 1968.
11. Blooming Hits was a surprise easy listening Number One album for what French ensemble in March 1968?
12. Two Simon and Garfunkel albums kept replacing each other at Number One in the spring and summer of 1968 - what were they?
13. They were Waiting for the Sun at Number One in 1968.
14. Glen Campbell had a Number One album in 1968 and 1969 with a title that could sound like a football player...what was it?
15. This Broadway cast soundtrack was Number One for most of the summer of 1969.
16. Who had a Number One album in 1969 with a live performance at San Quentin?
17. What Beatles album was Number One for most of November and December 1969?

Bonus: What was the significance of the Headquarters album that hit Number One in June 1967?

Good Luck!!!

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