Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #556 - 10/19/11

One Song: Sympathy For The Devil

1. What does our song's protagonist introduce himself as?
2. How long has he been around?
3. He was around when who had his moment of doubt and pain?
4. Made damn sure that who washed his hands and sealed his fate?
5. But what's puzzling you?
6. He stuck around where when he saw it was time for a change?
7. Who did he kill?
8. What rank did he hold when the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank?
9. How long did the kings and queens fight?
10. Why?
11. He shouted out, "Who killed" members of what family?
12. When after all, it was who?
13. Where were the troubadours going?
14. Every cop is what?
15. As heads is tails, just call him what name?
16. What should you have if you meet him?
17. Or else he'll do what?

Bonus: What are they yelling in the background throughout the last part of the song?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #556 Answers

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