Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #552 - 9/21/11

One Song: Truckin'


1. Truckin', like who?: The doo-dah man
2. What is out on Main Street?
: Arrows of neon and flashing marquees (not "flashing my keys")
3. What three cities are all the same street?
: Chicago, New York, Detroit
4. What city got a soft machine?
: Dallas
5. Houston is too close to what?
: New Orleans
6. What do most of the cats that you meet on the street speak of?
: True Love
7. How much are the cards ain't worth if you don't lay 'em down?
: A dime
8. Sometimes what's all shining on me?
: The light
9. Lately it occurs to me...what?
: What a long, strange trip it's been
10. What in the world ever became of who?
: Sweet Jane
11. Truckin' up where, been thinkin' you got to mellow slow?
: Buffalo
12. Got a tip they're going to do what?
: Kick the door in again
13. Busted where?
: Down on Bourbon Street
14. Set up like what?
: A bowling pin
15. You're sick of hanging around and you'd like to what?
: Travel
16. Where am I going back where I belong?
: Home
17. What will I do after I sit down and patch my bones?
: Get back truckin' on

Bonus: Which three band members collaborated on the music for this song?: Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Phil Lesh. Robert Hunter wrote the lyrics.

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