Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #546 - 8/10/11

UK Number Ones, 1988-89

Thanks to MTV, music in the UK and US was much more similar in the 80s than in the 70s, but there were still some UK hits that never made it across the Atlantic. If you grew up in the UK, you know all of these songs - if you grew up in the US, you know a lot of them, and the ones you don't know are probably on Youtube or iTunes. This series has been a lot of fun and I learned a lot of new songs.

1. "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" was a Number One hit in January 1988 for what American singer?
2. And here she is...Kylie Minogue had her first Number One for five weeks beginning in February 1988 with what song?
3. Aswad had a Number One hit with "Don't Turn Around" in March 1988. What group had a Number One US hit with the same song in 1994?
4. "Perfect" was a Number One hit in May 1988 for who?
5. Phil Collins slowed down an old Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders hit in 1988 and hit Number One in both the US and the UK - what was the song?
6. What Hollies song, used in a beer ad, was re-released and hit Number One in September 1988?
7. Irish singer Enya had a Number One hit in November 1988 with this song, which is not titled "Sail Away."
8. His "Mistletoe and Wine" was the Christmas Number One for 1988.
9. Kylie Minogue had a Number One duet in January 1989 with "Especially for You." Who sang with Kylie on that song?
10. "Belfast Child" was a UK Number One in February 1989 for this Scottish band, but it never even hit the charts in the US.
11. This Madonna song, with a controversial video, hit Number One for three weeks in March 1989.
12. "Ferry Cross The Mersey," a Number One hit by several artists in May 1989, was a charity record for victims of a disaster at what kind of sporting event?
13. She sang "You'll Never Stop Me Loving You" in July 1989.
14. Their "Swing The Mood" was a medley of 50s hits, and they later had two other Number One medleys with "That's What I Like" and "Let's Party."
15. This song was Lisa Stansfield's only Number One hit.
16. The UK wasn't immune to New Kids on the Block. They had a Number One hit in November 1989 with what song?
17. The Christmas Number One of 1989 was "Do They Know It's Christmas" by Band Aid II. In what year was the original song recorded?

Bonus: The Timelords had a Number One hit with "Doctorin' the Tardis" in June 1988. The group would later change its name to what?

Good Luck!!!

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