Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #544 - 7/27/11

UK Number Ones, 1984-85

Thanks to MTV, music in the UK and US was much more similar in the 80s than in the 70s, but there were still some UK hits that never made it across the Atlantic. If you grew up in the UK, you know all of these songs - if you grew up in the US, you know a lot of them, and the ones you don't know are probably on Youtube or iTunes.

1. This Paul McCartney song, which didn't hit the Top Ten in the United States, was Number One for two weeks in January 1984.
2. Frankie say this song was Number One for all of February 1984.
3. "99 Red Balloons" by Nena was Number One for three weeks in March 1984. What language was the song originally recorded in?
4. He wondered "Hello," is it me you're looking for? in a Number One song for all of April 1984.
5. What duo asked us to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" in a song that hit Number One for two weeks in June 1984?
6. Stevie Wonder had a Number One hit for six weeks in the fall of 1984 with what song?
7. What was the name of the one-off charity group that had the Christmas Number One of 1984 with "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
8. Elaine Page and Barbara Dickson had a Number One hit with "I Know Him So Well" from what musical?
9. Their "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record" was Number One for two weeks in March 1985.
10. What two singers teamed up for the Number One hit "Easy Lover" in March and April 1985?
11. According to a Number One song/sound collage by Paul Hardcastle, what was the average age of the soldiers in Vietnam?
12. This American trio sang about "Frankie" in June 1985.
13. Madonna had her first UK Number One hit in August 1985 with this dance hit.
14. Jennifer Rush had the biggest Number One hit of 1985 with this song, which has also been recorded by Celine Dion, Laura Branigan, and Air Supply.
15. These two British superstars teamed up for a charity duet, "Dancing in the Street," that went to Number One in September 1985.
16. What song was Whitney Houston's first Number One hit in the UK, in December 1985?
17. What was the Christmas Number One for 1985?

Bonus: "You'll Never Walk Alone" by The Crowd was a Number One charity single in 1985. What British soccer team is that song identified with?

Good Luck!!!

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