Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #542 - 7/13/11

UK Number Ones, 1980-81

Thanks to MTV, music in the UK and US was much more similar in the 80s than in the 70s, but there were still some UK hits that never made it across the Atlantic. If you grew up in the UK, you know all of these songs - if you grew up in the US, you know a lot of them, and the ones you don't know are probably on Youtube or iTunes.

1. The Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket" was the first new Number One song of the 80s. Who was their lead singer?
2. What Blondie dance song hit Number One for two weeks in March 1980?
3. Dexys Midnight Runners had a Number One hit in May 1980 with this song that doesn't sound Celtic at all.
4. "Suicide is Painless" was Number One for three weeks in May and June 1980. What American TV show was it the theme for?
5. "Use It Up And Wear It Out" was Number One for two weeks in July and August. Who sang the song?
6. David Bowie's "Ashes to Ashes," a Number One in August 1980, continues the story of what character from an earlier Bowie song?
7. The biggest hit of the year was a Police song inspired by the writing of Vladimir Nabokov. What was it?
8. This song, named after a stage light, was ABBA's final of nine Number One hits in the UK.
9. Sadly, this John Lennon song was Number One for a week in December 1980, but he didn't live to see it top the UK charts.
10. What was the Christmas Number One of 1980?
11. John Lennon had two consecutive Number One songs in 1981: one an older hit, and one a new song. What were they?
12. Antpeople were thrilled when this Adam and the Ants song hit Number One for five weeks in May and June 1981.
13. What American superstar had a UK Number One with "One Day In Your Life," a song actually recorded in 1975?
14. "Green Door" was a Number One hit for four weeks in August 1981 for what Welsh singer?
15. Soft Cell's only Number One hit was this, from September 1981.
16. This superstar collaboration between Queen and David Bowie, with a memorable bass line, hit Numbr One in November 1981.
17. The Human League had the Christmas Number One of 1981 with this song, later their breakthrough in the United States.

Bonus: This novelty song about Italian-American family life hit Number One for three weeks in February and March 1981.

Good Luck!!!

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