Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #539 - 6/22/11

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Everyone who goes to Los Angeles should visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame at least once. You might be surprised which musicians and music groups have stars - and which haven't been honored yet.

1. What Kinks song tells about the stars on Hollywood Boulevard?
2. Daylight come and you'll want to see this calypso singer's star on the north side of the 6700 block of Hollywood Boulevard.
3. Look for this Manx brother trio's star on the north side of the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard.
4. The Beatles have a star, and three of the four Beatles have their own stars, but which one doesn't?
5. He has two "Unforgettable" stars: one for music in the 6600 block of Hollywood Boulevard, and one for television in the 6200 block.
6. You'll find this reggae legend's star on the south side of the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard, mon.
7. Across the street on the north side, you can see a star for this British singer who ch-ch-changed a lot.
8. They sang about "California Girls," and you can see their star in the 1500 block of Vine Street.
9. Of the three Becky's Island favorite artists - Chicago, the Grateful Dead, and KC and the Sunshine Band - which group does NOT have a star?
10. This brother act from Gary, Indiana has a star on Vine Street, and two other family members also have stars. Who are they?
11. This legendary Cuban female singer's star can be found on the south side of the 6200 block of Hollywood Boulevard.
12. This Pulp Fiction star, who also had several big singing hits in the 70s, has a star for film on the north side of the 6900 block of Hollywood Boulevard.
13. What'd I say, if I told you you'd find this soul legend's star in the 6700 block of Hollywood Boulevard?
14. This Memphis-based singer has a well-deserved star for music on the north side of the 7100 block of Marshfield Way, but he doesn't have a star for all those awful movies he made.
15. You might be surprised that this "Chairman of the Board" has three stars - for music, film, and television.
16. They sang about "Hollywood Nights" and later got a star on the east side of the 1700 block of Vine Street.
17. As of this writing, this Canadian female country singer has the latest star.

Bonus: This radio host's star was mobbed on June 25, 2009 with grieving fans - but he was still alive!

Good Luck!!!

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