Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #533 - 5/11/11

Alternate Song Endings

What if all your favorite songs ended in the opposite way? Try to guess the alternative endings of these songs.

1. Union veteran returns, marries his fiancée, and names his first son after his buddy who died riding up to bring back extra men
2. West Texas cowboy decides to go ahead and let a stranger steal his girlfriend; they leave and he stays to hang out at the bar
3. Three miners die of starvation during a mine cave-in.
4. Alabama native Willie McCoy is killed in a fight at a pool hall
5. Man meets former fiancée at his mother's funeral; they get married this time and stay together until he dies
6. Atlanta detectives exhume two bodies and through DNA testing link the murder of Andy Wolloe to his friend's sister; the friend is pardoned posthumously
7. Visually-impaired football fan attends game; his son doesn't play and the team loses
8. Dockworker and waitress get better jobs, earn more money, and buy a mansion on the Jersey shore
9. Songwriter just goes to sleep when he's tired
10. Young man decides to spend beyond his means on accommodations in his new city and checks in to the Ritz-Carlton
11. Native American woman proudly checks "multiracial" on 2010 census
12. Vietnam veteran and his brother return, get good jobs, and have happy lives
13. Ore vessel unloads 26,000 tons in Cleveland, sails back to Lake Superior
14. Priest changes denominations to Episcopalian so he can marry church volunteer; his ministry affects many
15. Missing dog found under tree in backyard
16. Man drives slowly through intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Whittier Drive and heads off to go surfing
17. Waitress marries sailor

Bonus: Man and nephew decide to share gold and go to Mexico together

Good Luck!!!

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