Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #529 - 4/13/11

UK Number Ones, 1976-77

It's time to give our friends across the Atlantic a turn at Becky's Island! This series of quizzes spotlights the songs that went to Number One in the UK in the 70s. Some will be well-known to Americans, and some will be new. (I've had the best time putting this series together - even downloading a few songs I hadn't heard before - and am really looking forward to doing the 80s later in the year.)

1. This ABBA song, later the title song of a Broadway musical, was Number One for two weeks in January 1976.
2. What Four Seasons song was Number One for two weeks in February 1976?
3. "Save Your Kisses For Me" by this ABBA-sound-alike group was Number One for six weeks in 1976 and was the biggest hit of the year.
4. Speaking of ABBA again, they had another Number One in May 1976 with a Mexican-themed hit - what was it?
5. This parody of a Melanie hit from the early 1970s was Number One for the Wurzels in June 1976.
6. Believe it or not, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was the first British Number One for this superstar, in July and August 1976.
7. They're back again at Number One with "Dancing Queen," and it was also their only Number One in the United States.
8. To date, Chicago has had only one Number One song in the UK, in November 1976. What was the song?
9. "When a Child Is Born (Soleado)" was the Christmas Number One for 1976 for what American singer?
10. "Don't Give Up On Us" was a Number One hit in both the UK and the US for actor David Soul in 1977. What show did he star in?
11. "Chanson D'Amour" hit Number One for this American vocal jazz quartet in March 1977 - but it never even made the American Hot 100 chart.
12. Yes, it's another number one hit for ABBA in April 1977, this time about the breakup of a marriage. What was the song?
13. The Jacksons had their first UK Number One in June 1977 with what song?
14. This Floaters Number One, also a hit in the US, consisted of the band members introducing themselves with their zodiac signs.
15. He had a posthumous Number One hit for five weeks with "Way Down" beginning in September 1977.
16. I promise, this will be the last ABBA question on this quiz. This song went to Number One for four weeks in November 1977.
17. This song, that sounded like an old Scottish folk song but was an original composition, was Number One for nine weeks at Christmas 1977.

Bonus: Julie Covington had a Number One hit in 1977 with a song from a concept album which was later staged as a musical in 1978. What was the song and the musical?

Good Luck!!!

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