Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #524 - 3/9/11

South America

South America has an amazing variety of land, animals (even penguins!), culture, and music. This week, every answer refers to a person or place from South America.

1. Born in Baranquilla, Colombia, her hits include "Underneath Your Clothes" and "Objection (Tango)."
2. Classical pianist Claudio Arrau was from what South American country?
3. These two countries are mentioned in the lyrics of Glenn Frey's "Smugglers Blues."
4. This Venezuelan-American singer was all over the charts in the 90s with songs like "Vision of Love" and "Hero."
5. Argentine musician Carlos Gardel is mostly association with what kind of music?
6. Blame artists like Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, and Astrud Gilberto for this kind of Brazilian music...
7.....but don't blame Elvis for this 1963 hit; it wasn't even in that style!
8. A 1975 disco hit for the Ritchie Family.
9. Brazilian native Laudir de Oliveira played percussion for what Becky's Island favorite band in the 70s and early 80s?
10. This Peruvian song appeared on Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water album.
11. Years later, Paul Simon returned to South America for his Rhythm of the Saints album. What country's music was featured on that album?
12. Who played Evita Peron, former first lady of Argentina, in the 1996 movie Evita?i
13. He led Brasil 66 and Brasil 77 before producing the hit "Never Gonna Let You Go" in 1983.
14. "Electric Avenue" singer Eddy Grant was born in what South American country?
15. Surdo, cuica, caixa de guerra, tamborim, pandeiro, and reco-reco are these types of Brazilian instruments.
16. Brazilian composer famous for re-interpreting Bach in his "Bachianas Brasileiras"
17. This American singer's father was born in Ecuador - maybe she should have sung that country's anthem at the 2011 Super Bowl.

Bonus: This Brazilian musician's "Taj Mahal" was "borrowed" for Rod Stewart's 1979 hit "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy."

Good Luck!!!

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