Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #513 - 12/22/10

UK Number Ones, 1966-67

It's time to give our friends across the Atlantic a turn at Becky's Island! This series of quizzes spotlights the songs that went to Number One in the UK in the 60s. Some will be well-known to Americans, and some will be new. Note: All chart positions refer to the UK charts unless stated otherwise.

1. This group, not the Beatles, had a Number One with "Michelle" in January 1966.
2. Nancy Sinatra hit Number One in the UK and the US with this tough-sounding song in February 1966.
3. The Spencer Davis Group had two Number Ones in 1966. Who was their lead singer?
4. They had a Number One for three weeks with "Pretty Flamingo," but they weren't from Florida. Who were they?
5. 1966 was a good year for the Sinatra family. Nancy hit in February, and Frank hit Number One in June with what song?
6. Their "Sunny Afternoon" hit Number One appropriately in July 1966.
7. This singer, not the Rolling Stones, hit Number One with "Out of Time" in July 1966.
8. "Distant Drums" was a posthumous Number One in September 1966 for what American singer?
9. "Green Green Grass Of Home" was the Christmas Number One for 1966 for this singer who calls Wales home.
10. The Monkees' "I'm a Believer" was Number One in January 1967 for four weeks. Which Monkee was British?
11. What Engelbert Humperdinck Number One is best known for keeping the Beatles' "Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever" out of the top spot?
12. "A Whiter Shade Of Pale," by what band, was Number One for six weeks in June 1966?
13. This Beatles Number One was featured as the UK's contribution to the "Our World" live satellite TV program in June 1967.
14. He advised us that if we were going to San Francisco, we should be sure to wear some flowers in our hair in August 1967
15. This singer, not The Band, had a five-week Number One hit with "The Last Waltz."
16. This family singing group originally from the Isle of Man had their first of many Number Ones in 1967 with "Massachusetts."
17. The Beatles bid 1967 farewell and hailed 1968 with this Christmas Number One song.

Bonus: The Walker Brothers had a Number One in 1966 with "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore." What American singer originally recorded the song?

Good Luck!!!

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