Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #512 - 12/15/10

UK Number Ones, 1964-65

It's time to give our friends across the Atlantic a turn at Becky's Island! This series of quizzes spotlights the songs that went to Number One in the UK in the 60s. Some will be well-known to Americans, and some will be new. Note: All chart positions refer to the UK charts unless stated otherwise.

1. They were "Glad All Over" when this song hit Number One in January 1964.
2. The Searchers' "Needles and Pins" was a Number One in January 1964. What was unusual about how they pronounced the title of the song?
3. The Beatles' first Number One of 1964 was used for a memorable movie scene in which they ran down a fire escape and played around in a field - what was the song?
4. "Juliet" was a Number One hit in May 1964 for who?
5. This song, a cover of an earlier Valentinos hit, was the first Number One for the Rolling Stones in July 1964.
6. Manfred Mann's "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" was Number One in August 1964. What 80s comedy used this song for an Army cadence call?
7. The Honeycombs hit Number One with "Have I The Right" in August 1964. What was unusual about the group?
8. "Baby Love" was the first UK Number One for what Motown group in November 1964?
9. This Beatles song, which used feedback at the beginning on purpose, was the 1964 Christmas Number One.
10. Who had a January 1965 Number One with "Yeh Yeh?"
11. The Moody Blues' "Go Now," a Number One hit in January 1965, was sung by this future Paul McCartney collaborator.
12. Elvis Presley had a surprise Number One for two weeks in the summer of 1965 with this gospel song.
13. Of "The Last Time," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, "As Tears Go By," and "Get Off Of My Cloud," which was not a Number One hit in 1965 for the Rolling Stones?
14. This Byrds song, written by Bob Dylan, was Number One for two weeks in July 1965.
15."Tears," by this British singer/comedian, was Number One for five weeks in the fall of 1965.
16. They told us "The Carnival Is Over" in November 1965.
17. What double-sided Beatles single was the Christmas Number One for 1965?

Bonus: Peter and Gordon had a Number One song in 1964 with "A World Without Love." Who wrote it and why was that significant at the time?

Good Luck!!!

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