Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #506 - 11/3/10

Right and Wrong

You may get some of these right, and some of these wrong, but every answer will contain the words "right" or "wrong."

1. Dr. John's only Top Ten hit, from 1973
2. Scottish singer Gerry Rafferty followed up "Baker Street" in 1978 with this song
3. A hit for Luther Ingram, Millie Jackson, and Barbara Mandrell
4. This song brought the Spin Doctors to national prominence
5. Maxine Nightingale's first U.S. hit, from 1976
6. This B.J. Thomas hit from 1975 is, to date, the longest-titled song to hit Number One on the Billboard singles charts.
7. They were too sexy for Milan, New York, and Japan (and their cat)
8. A 1990 Jesus Jones song, written in tribute to the changes in Eastern Europe in that year
9. Paul Davis sang this pop-gospel hit in 1980; ironically, it wasn't a hit at all in Canada
10. One of the first songs recorded and released by Elvis Presley
11. What the Beastie Boys urged us to do in their first single
12. Bob Dylan won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album for this 1993 release
13. A Number One hit for Richard Marx in 1989
14. The Cosby Show kids lip-synched this 1958 Ray Charles hit on one episode
15. An up-tempo hit for Julian Lennon in 1985
16. A Van Halen song with a video consisting of statements about what was happening at the present time
17. Flo Rida's remake of "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

Bonus: "The Horse," by Cliff Nobles & Co., is actually the instrumental track of this song.

Good Luck!!!

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