Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #505 - 10/27/10

A Few More Words From 1979


1. happen, walk, head, sky, spark: "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground), The Jacksons
2. somebody, someone, undone, radio, moon
: "Heartache Tonight," Eagles
3. uptown, limousine, spoon, Halston, Elaine's
: "Big Shot," Billy Joel
4. sisters, together, flock, birds, close
: "We Are Family," Sister Sledge
5. pretty, time, motor, dirty, younger
: "My Sharona," The Knack
6. solid, goods, neighborhoods, uptown, poverty
: "Makin' It," David Naughton
7. circus, parades, clown, wire, glitter
: "Don't Cry Out Loud," Melissa Manchester
8. smile, okay, stream, magic, sunrise
: "You Take My Breath Away," Rex Smith
9. darling, joy, money, happiness, relations
: "Mama Can't Buy You Love," Elton John
10. wonder, been, searched, thing, give
: "What You Won't Do For Love," Bobby Caldwell
11. lights, California, evening, soul, cans
: "Gold," John Stewart
12. heard, queen, tryin', unlucky, gambled
: "Lonesome Loser," Little River Band
13. sea, father, dogs, sand, pass
: "Ships," Barry Manilow
14. figure, vision, backwards, forwards, other
: "Love You Inside Out," Bee Gees
15. early, dawn, enjoyed, nice, paradise
: "Goodbye Stranger," Supertramp
16. awhile, young, something, along, yesterday
: "After The Love Has Gone," Earth Wind & Fire
17. tired, end, say, again, anything
: "Goodnight Tonight," Wings

Bonus: wish, sandwich, ricochet, biscuit, Sunday: "Rubber Biscuit," Blues Brothers

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