Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #503 - 10/13/10

A Few More Words From 1977


1. ditch, meet, Indian, summer, boss: "Car Wash," Rose Royce
2. for, long, strong, give, key
: "I Just Want To Be Your Everything," Andy Gibb
3. goodbye, trouble, seeing, hang, fool
: "Whatcha Gonna Do," Pablo Cruise
4. survive, alive, exist, miss, fire
: "Don't Leave Me This Way," Thelma Houston
5. met, Monday, Jill, thinking, picked
: "Da Doo Ron Ron," Shaun Cassidy
6. slipping, future, feed, shoe, house
: "Fly Like an Eagle," Steve Miller Band
7. talk, streets, familiar, Johnny, lately
: "New Kid In Town," Eagles
8. happy, discouraged, demonstrating, affection,openly
: "Best Of My Love," Emotions
9. stop, well, dry, reasons, why
: "Keep It Comin' Love," KC and the Sunshine Band
10. willing, sacrifice, advice, price, digging
: "Cold As Ice," Foreigner
11. weeds, knees, porpoise, trick, wick
: "Barracuda," Heart
12. Jamaica, steal, Sam, Sinatra, sand
: "On And On," Steven Bishop
13. nappy, Christmas, hoodlum, Sunday, principal's
: "I Wish," Stevie Wonder
14. pillow, wonder, fantasy, answer, heavenly
: "Undercover Angel," Alan O'Day
15. rainbows, purple, sunshine, speakers, kite
: "Strawberry Letter 23," Brothers Johnson
16. right, world, lonely, packing, shacking
: "Go Your Own Way," Fleetwood Mac
17. parties, nervous, down, choose, romance
: "Got To Give It Up, Pt. 1," Marvin Gaye

Bonus: Hudson, suburbia, Paramus, Jewish, spaghetti: "Ariel," Dean Friedman

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