Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #497 - 9/1/10

A Few More Words From 1971


1. Cajun, swamp, alligator, groceries, sheriff: "Amos Moses," Jerry Reed
2. tale, thoughts, ghost, castle, drugstores
: "If You Could Read My Mind," Gordon Lightfoot
3. danced, baggy, cell, minstrel, dog
: "Mr. Bojangles," Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
4. father, cigarette, magazines, college, birds
: "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be," Carly Simon
5. pad, nightclubs, box, Mickey, Fred
: "Watching Scotty Grow," Bobby Goldsboro
6. picture, thousand, face, launch, pour
: "If," Bread
7. egg, fry, pick, cry, leave
; "One Less Bell To Answer," Fifth Dimension
8. dog, bone, killer, toad, holiday
: "Riders On The Storm," The Doors
9. slave, cotton, midnight, taste, English
: "Brown Sugar," Rolling Stones
10. sock, spoil, bunch, try, guaranteed
: "One Bad Apple," The Osmonds
11. dream, bikini, doors, freaky, Africa
: "Chick-A-Boom," Daddy Dewdrop
12. dues, blues, shout, leap, past
: "It Don't Come Easy," Ringo Starr
13. wraps, towel, chair, office, five
: "Another Day," Paul McCartney
14. long, show, guitar, radio, loneliness
: "Superstar," The Carpenters
15. above, ceiling, twice, pipe, hallway
: "Knock Three Times," Dawn
16. sunshine, platter, smile, jolly, melancholy
: "(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden," Lynn Anderson
17. chills, kiss, curls, goody, conscience
: "Mama's Pearl," Jackson Five

Bonus: mine, Joe, hungry, water, stomach: "Timothy," The Buoys

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