Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #495 - 8/18/10

The Summer of 1980

1. What enormously popular AC/DC album was released in July 1980, just a few months after their lead singer Bon Scott died?
2. What did Michael Jackson do at the end of his Top Ten hit "She's Out of My Life?"
3. Released in August 1980, the movie may have been a train wreck, but the soundtrack featured Olivia Newton-John, ELO, The Tubes and Cliff Richard. What movie was it?
4. Yet another flop music movie from the summer of 1980 starred the Village People - what movie was it?
5. What Rolling Stones album was Number One for seven weeks beginning in July 1980?
6. And what was unusual about that album's title track?
7.Who told us he feels safest of all in "Cars?"
8. Who sang about his love of "Sailing" all through August 1980?
9. What one-time Grateful Dead keyboard player/backup singer was killed in a car accident on July 23, 1980?
10. Released on June 20, 1980, this musical comedy's cast included Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Cab Calloway, John Lee Hooker, Joe Walsh, and Chaka Khan.
11. Billy Joel had a Number One hit in July 1980 with a song that was a conversation between an older artist and his more hip manager. What was the song?
12. This singer-actress had a Top Ten hit with the title song from her movie The Rose, a thinly-disguised story of Janis Joplin.
13. Paul McCartney's live version of "Coming Up" was Number One in July 1980. In what city was it recorded?
14. What superstar co-wrote and sang backup on Jermaine Jackson's hit "Let's Get Serious?"
15. This "A Thousand Miles" singer was born on August 16, 1980.
16. "Steal Away" by Robbie Dupree was a Top Ten hit in the summer of 1980, mostly because the arrangement sounded an awful lot like this 1979 hit.
17. This Manhattans hit (later covered by the Jerry Garcia Band) was not a remake of an Earth Wind & Fire song.

Bonus: "Let Me Love You Tonight" was a Top Ten hit for Pure Prairie League in July 1980. What future country superstar sang lead on that song?

Good Luck!!!

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