Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #492 - 7/28/10

Follow The Directions: East

Follow the directions, and all the answers will contain some version of the word "east."

1. Scottish singer whose hits include "Modern Girl," "For Your Eyes Only," and "Sugar Walls"
2. Jerry Reed's theme from "Smokey and the Bandit"
3. Patti Smith's 1978 album, that includes "Because The Night"
4. Jazz standard recorded by Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, and Diana Krall, among others
5. Opening line of Barry McGuire's 1965 hit "Eve of Destruction"
6. Lil' Jon's group
7. Geographically-puzzling Christian hymn written by William Dunkerley in 1908
8. Cheech and Chong's parody of Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA"
9. Legendary New York City venue where live albums by the Allman Brothers Band, Derek and the Dominoes, Taj Mahal, and Miles Davis were recorded
10. They hang out with West End Girls
11. Duke Ellington instrumental later recorded by Steely Dan
12. A 1981 album for Squeeze that includes "Tempted"
13. How Los Lobos described themselves on their greatest-hits CD
14. Midwestern rock band; their best-known songs were "Since You Been Gone" and "Never Been Any Reason"
15. If you go to Alpine Valley for a show, you'll be in this town
16. New York City neighborhood famous for punk and new wave; CBGB was here
17. Paula Cole's greatest-hits album from 2006

Bonus: One of Prince's first bands, they were formed in Minneapolis in 1975

Good Luck!!!

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