Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #479 - 4/28/10

Police Beat

No, this quiz has nothing to do with Sting and the boys; instead, let's take a look at various musicians and their run-ins with the law.

1. He was charged with indecent exposure on stage in Miami in 1969, but nobody is really sure what happened.
2. He got into trouble for inciting a riot at his band's 1991 show in St. Louis and was arrested the next year for assault and property damage.
3. This legendary guitarist was busted for possession of marijuana and heroin at the Toronto airport in 1969; he claimed a fan gave him the drugs.
4. This singer spent three years of "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" in a Louisiana prison for marijuana possession.
5. "We Love You" was recorded in response to this singer's 1967 arrest for drug possession, which was later overturned.
6. He has been arrested for drug possession (for which he spent 11 months in a Texas prison), driving under the influence of cocaine, carrying a concealed .45 pistol, illegal possession of a hunting knife, illegal possession of ammunition and illegal possession of about 1 ounce of marijuana - not exactly something you'd want to Teach Your Children.
7. "Murder Was The Case" that they gave this rapper in 1993, but he was later acquitted.
8. He was arrested in 1982 for urinating on the Alamo while wearing a dress.
9. While touring in Japan in 1980, he was arrested for marijuana possession and spent ten days in jail.
10. He's been arrested for drug charges five times, including in Toronto in 1977 for heroin trafficking, for which he was sentenced to play a benefit concert and get medical help.
11. He spent three years in prison in the 60s for violating the Mann Act, and four months for tax evasion in 1979.
12. This legendary singer was accused of multiple counts of child molestation, but one case didn't go to trial and he was acquitted in the other one.
13. He may have sung about a jailhouse, but it was his father who spent time in prison for writing bad checks in 1938.
14. In 1988, this singer led police officers on a high-speed car chase between Georgia and South Carolina, and spent time in prison as a result.
15. This singer, famous for playing concerts in prisons, was arrested in 1965 for bringing pep pills back from Mexico.
16. This producer was arrested for shooting a woman in his house and is currently doing time in the California state prison system.
17. Record store personnel in Miami were arrested for selling copies of this 2 Live Crew album in 1990.

Bonus: When the Grateful Dead's home at 710 Ashbury was raided by police in San Francisco, this member did not get arrested, because he was not home at the time

Good Luck!!!

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