Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #478 - 4/21/10

Caribbean Cruise


1. Her hits include "Umbrella" and "S.O.S." and she was born in St. Michael, Barbados.: Rihanna
2. What tuned percussion instrument, developed in Trinidad and Tobago, was originally made from oil drums?
: Steel pans
3. Who let "Who Let the Dogs Out" onto the charts in 2000?
: Baha Men
4. Tito Puente, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Ricky Martin all are associated with which Caribbean island?
: Puerto Rico
5. What Beach Boys song from 1988 mentions Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas, Martinique, and Montserrat?
: Kokomo
6. Wyclef Jean recently led a charitable drive to help earthquake victims in what Caribbean country?
: Haiti
7. Jimmy Buffett wrote "Margaritaville" while living on this Caribbean island.
: Key West
8. This American singer of Jamaican ancestry was credited with popularizing the calypso style in the 1950s; you probably know him best for "Banana Boat Song"
: Harry Belafonte
9. KC and the Sunshine Band actually started out playing this kind of Bahamian music.
: Junkanoo
10. What style of music was developed in Jamaica and is characterized by accenting the off-beats?
: Reggae
11. And what Jamaican singer/guitarist is virtually synonymous with this style?
: Bob Marley
12. Singer-guitarist Lenny Kravitz traces his ancestry on his mother's side to this Caribbean country
: Bahamas
13. What 1971 hit, by Beginning of the End, invited us to visit a Caribbean capital city?
: "Funky Nassau - Part 1"
14. This singer was born Leslie Sebastian Charles in Trinidad and took an appropriate name for someone from an island...
: Billy Ocean
15....and this was his first Number One hit in the United States, from 1984.
: "Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)"
16. Beatles producer George Martin had a studio on this Caribbean island which was devastated by a volcano eruption in 1995.
: Montserrat
17. Merengue was developed in what Caribbean country?
: Dominican Republic

Bonus: Why isn't Weird Al Yankovic's drummer included in this quiz?: His drummer is Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz; Bermuda is not in the Caribbean area, it's out in the Atlantic Ocean

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