Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #476 - 4/7/10

Before They Were Famous II

Can you name these music stars based on the description of what they did "before they were famous?"

1. London School of Economics student
2. Burlesque show performer
3. New York City police officer
4. A "Fly Girl" on "In Living Color"
5. Student at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
6. Dancer and choreographer for the L.A. Laker Girls
7. Telephone installer who got fired for swearing at customers
8. Translator at Miami International Airport
9. Guitar and banjo teacher
10. Chicken plucker
11. Computer operator - in the 70s!
12. Elementary school teacher and backup singer for Michael Jackson
13. Back-up dancer and roadie for Digital Underground
14. Drug dealer
15. "Kids Incorporated" cast member
16. Burger King worker in Chicago
17. Sales clerk in a New York City vintage clothing store

Bonus: Mailroom worker, weatherman, and news announcer in Utica, New York

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #476 Answers

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