Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #475 - 3/31/10

What's That Instrument II


1. "Longer," Dan Fogelberg: Flugelhorn
2. "Losing My Religion," R.E.M.
: Mandolin
3. "Mother's Little Helper," Rolling Stones
: Sitar
4. "Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)," Van Halen
: Clarinet
5. "Lives in the Balance," Jackson Browne
: Panpipes
6. "Pretty Ballerina," The Left Banke
: Oboe
7. "It's A Long Way To The Top," AC-DC:
8. "Carrie-Anne," Hollies
: Steel pans
9. "Overture from Tommy," The Who
: French horn
10. "Take It Easy," Eagles
: Banjo
11. "I Will Follow," U2
: Glockenspiel (bells)
12. "Everything I Own," Bread
: Harpsichord
13. "Going Up The Country," Canned Heat
: Flute
14. "Thank God I'm A Country Boy," John Denver
: Dobro (also violin)
15."I'm Coming Out," Diana Ross
: Trombone
16. "Moonlight Feels Right," Starbuck
: Marimba
17. "Livin' Thing," Electric Light Orchestra
: Violin

Bonus: "Smiling Faces Sometimes," The Temptations: Bassoon

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