Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #473 - 3/17/10

SAINT Patrick's Day

Patrick was a saint, I ain't, says the famous t-shirt slogan - but you can look for all the musical saints in this quiz. Happy St. Patricks' Day from all of us at Becky's Island!

1. The signature song of every New Orleans jazz band
2. Paul Simon's 1990 album in which he explored Brazilian rhythms
3. The last song on Bruce Springsteen's first album
4. Their biggest U.S. hit was "Never Ever," in 1997
5. A 1972 album by Van Morrison
6. She's the patron saint of musicians
7. J.S. Bach's famous telling of the Good Friday story
8. A 1978 worldwide hit for Flash and the Pan
9. Wherever he goes, the people all complain, according to the Grateful Dead
10. Dimitri Shostakovich was born and raised in this Russian city
11. The Osmonds belong to this church
12. A Beach Boys song about a sled that's "candy apple red with a ski for a wheel"
13. Composer of "Danse Macabre" and "Carnival of the Animals"
14. Anglican hymn famously arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams
15. Motley Crue's 2008 album
16. Billy Joel would "rather laugh with the sinners than..."
17. Hockey team named for a W.C. Handy song

Bonus: Grateful Dead song often paired live with "Lost Sailor"

Good Luck!!!

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