Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #472 - 3/10/10

Rolling Stones Album Covers

We often forget, in the CD era, how attractive, interesting, and BIG record album covers were. See if you can remember which Rolling Stones albums had the following covers.

1. Mick's head covered by a scarf
2. The zipper
3. 3-D picture of band wearing strange outfits surrounded by strange things
4. Charlie dancing in an Uncle Sam hat while a donkey carries his drums
5. Thermo camera portraits of band members
6. Woman's torso covered with stickers
7. Collage of black and white photos of circus freaks
8. Band outside, Charlie wearing a blue shirt and tie under a black jacket
9. Drawing of Mick with lines all over his face
10. Keith talks in Mick's ear while Bill looks in the background
11. Wig advertisement with band members' faces peeking through
12. Bathroom wall OR formal dinner invitation
13. Close ups of scowling band members wearing suits with Keith looking suspiciously like a Beatle
14. Stacked silhouettes of band members' profiles
15. Lion standing on back legs
16. Psychedelic letters spell out album title with members faces on sticks with leaves
17. A cake, a tire, a film canister, a clock, a pizza, and a record

Bonus: Band members sitting on a light blue couch wearing very brightly-colored suits; is Mick kicking Keith?

Good Luck!!!

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