Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #471 - 3/3/10

Movie Soundtrack Album Covers

We often forget, in the CD era, how attractive, interesting, and BIG record album covers were. See if you can remember which movie soundtrack albums had the following covers.

1. Drive-in waitress holding up an order of a hamburger, fries and Coke on an orange background
2. Uma Thurman smoking and reading a book
3. Three prisoners in stripes running away
4. Four guys wearing top hats and capes, spelling out NUJV in semaphore with their arms
5. Two hippies wrapped in blankets hugging while other hippies sit on the ground
6. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet above the prow of a ship
7. Rocket ship flying out of a round space station
8. Double image of the top of Roger Daltrey's head, wearing dark round glasses
9. John Travolta dancing on a lighted dance floor with a picture of the Bee Gees
10. Eight actors sitting in two white wicker chairs
11. Whitney Houston wearing a head scarf and several head shots of Kevin Costner
12. Kevin Bacon dancing with his Walkman
13. Five actors arranged in a rough triangular shape with Judd Nelson at the top
14. Dustin Hoffman looking at a woman's bare leg
15. Richard Roundtree holds a string and shoots a gun while Isaac Hayes looks on
16.Tom Cruise in a flight jacket, with Kelly McGillis and an American flag
17. Prince on a motorcycle

Bonus: The movie title, outlined in white letters on a black background

Good Luck!!!

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