Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #469 - 2/17/10

Chicago Album Covers

We often forget, in the CD era, how attractive, interesting, and BIG record album covers were. See if you can remember which Chicago albums had the following covers (note: they all had the famous, or infamous, Chicago logo).

1. American Flag
2. Wrapped package
3. White on white
4. Leather tooled with scenes of Chicago history
5. Pool mosaic
6. Band members on scaffold painting logo onto side of wall
7. Marina City
8. Then-current computer graphics featuring Chicago landmarks
9. Wood carving
10. Map
11. Money, including picture of faces of band members
12. Cardinal
13. Thumbprint
14. Hedge and gardening tools
15. Painted sign
16. Chocolate bar
17. Computer chip and magnifying glass

Bonus: Stone carving

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #469 Answers

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