Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #467 - 1/6/10

1990 - 20 Years Ago


1. What did Milli Vanilli admit in November 1990?: They didn't sing on any of their hits
2. What 1990 hit included the immortal lines "Stop! Hammer Time!"
" U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer
3. Sinead O'Connor had a Number One hit with "Nothing Compares 2 U." Who wrote the song?
: Prince
4. This blues guitarist was killed in a helicopter crash at Alpine Valley in August 1990.
: Stevie Ray Vaughan
5. This singer's first hit, "Vision of Love," was Number One for all of August 1990.
: Mariah Carey
6. Don't call it a comeback, but his Mama Said Knock You Out album was released in August 1990.
: L.L. Cool J
7. This 1950s singer mentioned in the lyrics to "Come On Eileen" died on February 24, 1990.
: Poor old Johnnie Ray
8. What singer, dancer, choreographer, and future American Idol judge had the Number One album for all of February and March 1990 with Forever Your Girl?
: Paula Abdul
9. Keyboard player Brent Mydland died of an accidental drug overdose on July 26, 1990. With what band did he play?
: The Grateful Dead.
10. What Cuban-American singer was involved in a tour bus accident in March 1990?
: Gloria Estefan
11. Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" uses the bass line from what song?
: "Under Pressure"
12. What Southern rock band released their Shake Your Money Maker debut album in 1990?
: The Black Crowes
13. What humorous 1990 rap song, about a guy with a big nose, sampled "Let's Play House" by Parliament?
: "The Humpty Dance"
14. Bell Biv DeVoe was made up of members of what 80s soul group?
: New Edition
15. "Do The Bartman," a rap performed by Bart Simpson's voice actor in character, was written by what superstar?
: Michael Jackson
16. This "West Side Story" composer and television star died just five days after retiring from conducting in October 1990.
: Leonard Bernstein
17. What Madonna song, a tribute to classic Hollywood stars, was Number One for three weeks in May and June 1990?
: "Vogue"

Bonus: On July 7, 1990, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti gave a concert in Rome. What was this concert marketed as?: The Three Tenors

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