Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #45 - 1/2/02

1972 - 30 Years Ago

1. What classic Rolling Stones album was Number 1 on the album charts in the summer of 1972?
2. This band had its first chart hit with "A Horse With No Name."
3. This Becky's Island favorite band toured Europe in 1972, then released a three-record live set of songs from that tour
4. Why, according to Mac Davis, should you not "get hooked on me?"
5. Sammy Davis, Jr. had a big hit with "Candy Man." What movie was that song written for?
6. What two singer-songwriters were married on November 3, 1972?
7. She had hits with "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" and "Where Is The Love."
8. What very long 1972 hit began, "A long long time ago, when I can still remember how that music used to make me smile"
9. Chicago had its first Number 1 album in 1972. What Roman numeral was it?
10. Neil Young had his only Number 1 song in 1972. What was it?
11. Billy Paul's only big hit was about him and who?
12. Gilbert O'Sullivan had his first hit with "Alone Again (Naturally)." What country was he born in?
13. "Ben" was the first solo Number 1 hit for who?
14. What was Chuck Berry's big novelty hit in 1972?
15. According to Looking Glass, what did "Brandy"'s boyfriend do for a living?
16. In May 1972, Reginald Kenneth Dwight legally changed his name to what?
17. What teen star had hits with "Puppy Love," "Why," and "Too Young" in 1972?

Bonus: Two future rap stars were born in 1972. One is a white guy who named himself after a candy; the other is an African-American who named himself after a favorite comic-strip character. Who are they?

Good Luck!!!

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