Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #444 - 8/26/09

Parts of the "Body"

Is anyBody there? Does anyBody care? You're noBody 'till someBody loves you...all the answers this week have the word "Body" in them. Yes, this is the first in a series...

1. A 1979 hit for the Jacksons
2. Rod Stewart's 1983 album that included "Baby Jane"
3. Nina Sky's debut single
4. A 1974 Quincy Jones album
5. Term for a string instrument that relies on electronic pickups to directly receive the vibrations of the strings
6. A Three 6 Mafia single from 2008
7. Justin Timberlake was singing this at the Super Bowl when he caused Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction"
8. The song sung at the graduation in the movie Fame
9. A 1982 single from Queen that didn't use a lot of harmony until the end
10."The Battle Hymn of the Republic" borrowed its tune from this song
11. Joe Jackson and Rick Astley both recorded albums with this title
12. Ice-T's heavy metal band
13. John Mayer's second hit, from 2002
14. A 1986 hit for the Rolling Stones
15. Samantha Fox debuted with this song in 1986
16. Joss Stone's second album, from 2004
17. The last song on the Jacksons' 1984 Victory album

Bonus: This song was Mariah Carey's 18th Number One hit in the U.S.

Good Luck!!!

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