Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #443 - 8/19/09

"...And I Say Hello"

Well, what else did you expect after last week?

1. A Lionel Richie song, remembered mostly for the video in which he plays a drama professor in love with a blind girl
2. Todd Rundgren's only Top Five pop hit, from 1974
3. Louis Armstrong had a Number One hit in 1964 with this Broadway theme
4. Neil Diamond and The Cars both recorded songs with this title
5. Parody song by Allan Sherman about a homesick camper
6. A country hit for Faron Young, written by Willie Nelson
7. A Top Ten hit for Rick Nelson in 1961
8. Beastie Boys album that includes "Intergalactic"
9. The opening line of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"
10. A Finch album from 2005
11. Conway Twitty's signature song, from 1970
12. Sopwith Camel's only hit song, from 1966
13. A hit for Barbara Lewis, later covered by Yvonne Elliman
14. 1999 Kenny Chesney song inspired by the movie Jerry Maguire
15. Song from "A Chorus Line" about growing up
16. Phil Collins' second solo album
17. "Won't you tell me your name?"

Bonus: Smokey Robinson's group's first album, from 1961

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #443 Answers

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