Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #44 - 12/26/01

"The Real Drums"
(dedicated to F. B. on his 50th from his favorite Deadhead)

No band would be complete without that special person behind the percussion. For our last quiz of 2001, I give you the drummer's name, you tell me what band he or she played with.

1. Phil Rudd
2. Levon Helm
3. Debbi Peterson
4. Tico Torres
5. Walter "Clyde" Orange
6. Ginger Baker
7. Rick Allen
8. Don Henley
9. Bev Bevan
10. Mick Avory
11. Peter Criss
12. Tommy Lee
13. Dave Grohl
14. Jon Fishman
15. Stewart Copeland
16. Larry Mullen, Jr.
17. Keith Moon

Bonus: Why is the movie "This Is Spinal Tap" not a favorite of most drummers?

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #44 Answers

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