Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #438 - 7/15/09


It's the ladies' turn this week - all of the answers have one of the three above titles.

1. A 2006 hit for Chris Brown
2. Banjo-like Herman's Hermits song
3. Memorable Simon and Garfunkel song featured in The Graduate
4. AFI's first Top 40 hit, from 2006
5.I'm sorry, I am for real
6. What you can call Janet, "if you're nasty"
7. Billy Paul's only Number One song
8. A hit for Little Richard in 1958
9. A track on Brian Wilson's Smile album - or a part of the Chicago VII cover
10. Bubba Sparxx, Ying-Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark collaborated on this 2006 hit
11. Kelly Clarkson and Ne-Yo both had hits with this title
12. A Lloyd Price song recorded also by Elvis and Little Richard
13. This Elliott Smith song was nominated for an Oscar
14. Novelty singer from the 60s who sang (?) "Downtown" and "Moon River," among others
15. The second solo album by Kelly Rowland
16. Cole Porter song about a society woman who's "unable to lunch today"
17. The Spin Doctors' first hit

Bonus: Film soundtrack that featured music by Devotchka, Sufjan Stevens, and Rick James

Good Luck!!!

Quiz #438 Answers

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