Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #425 - 4/15/09

Died in the 60s

There are only two sure things in this world - death, and taxes, so today, April 15, we're launching our series on musical death dates. Can you remember who died on the following dates?

1. August 23, 1960: Richard Rodgers' collaborator on Broadway shows
2. April 10, 1962: The Beatles' original bassist
3. March 5, 1963: Country singer famous for "I Fall To Pieces" and "Crazy"
4. October 10, 1963: French singer who saw "La Vie En Rose"
5. July 31, 1964: Country singer famous for "He'll Have To Go"
6. October 15, 1965: Pop songwriter of "Night and Day" and "I Get A Kick Out Of You"
7. December 11, 1964: Gospel and soul singer whose hits included "You Send Me" and "A Change Is Gonna Come"
8. February 15, 1965: Natalie's dad
9. November 6, 1965: French avant-garde composer who was a big influence on both Frank Zappa and Robert Lamm
10. July 18, 1966: He fought the law, and the law won
11. July 17, 1967: Jazz saxophonist famous for "A Love Supreme"
12. March 6, 1967: He sang with Jeanette MacDonald, most famously while wearing a Mountie costume
13. December 10, 1967: He sat on the dock of the bay, but died in Lake Monona
14.February 28, 1968: Lead singer of The Teenagers
15. June 22, 1969: She went "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" on this date
16. July 3, 1969: Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist with the Rolling Stones
17. October 22, 1969: He sang "It's All In The Game"

Bonus: February 19, 1963: Cuban singer known as "El Barbaro Del Ritmo"

Good Luck!!!

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