Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #422 - 3/25/09

The Spring of 1979

Ah, the spring of 1979, when the worst thing I had to worry about was getting Kicked Off The Kings Island Trip. Three Mile Island had its meltdown; Jimmy Carter had better luck with peace accords than with a killer rabbit; an American Airlines DC-10 crashes at O'Hare; the Moscone/Milk murder verdict is read in San Francisco and the city reacts accordingly; Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson are born; Emmett Kelly and Mary Pickford die; and this was the music we were listening to (when I wasn't playing Chicago).

1. What Peaches and Herb ballad was Number 1 on both the pop and R&B charts for three weeks in May 1979?
2. Minute by Minute, by what band, was Number 1 on the US album charts for five weeks?
3. Who did Eric Clapton marry on March 27, 1979?
4. "Once I had a love, and it was a gas, soon found out, I had..." what?
5. This movie musical about hippies premiered in March 1979.
6. This Italian composer, who wrote music for the Godfather films, died on April 10, 1979.
7. She had a Number 1 hit in April 1979 with a re-make of "Knock On Wood."
8. What singer/actress had a Top Ten hit in May 1979 with "Take Me Home?"
9. That wasn't Bob Dylan singing about the "Sultans of Swing;" who was it?
10. What Who-related film featuring Sting had its London premiere on May 2, 1979?
11. And what Who-related film featuring The Who had its New York premiere on May 23, 1979?
12. "What A Fool Believes" by the Doobie Brothers was a Number One hit in April 1979. Who co-wrote the song with Michael McDonald?
13. What Miami-based singer had a Top Ten hit with "What You Won't Do For Love" in March 1979?
14. Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman had a one-off Top Ten duet with what song in the spring of 1979?
15. Which future member of 'N Sync was born on May 4, 1979?
16. What Bee Gees album was all over the charts in the spring of 1979?
17. What branch of the service did the Village People encourage us to join in May 1979?

Bonus: This piano instrumental by Frank Mills was an out-of-left-field Top Ten hit in April 1979.

Good Luck!!!

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