Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #417 - 2/18/09

Beatle Movies

The Beatles made four movies during their short time together, and their music has been used in countless other films since. See how much you can remember about the four Beatle movies.

1. Which Beatle wanders off by himself for a walk in A Hard Day's Night?
2. What is George asked to give his opinions on in that same movie?
3. Who is playing in the bathtub?
4. How do they keep describing the Paul's Grandfather character?
5.What song plays while the Beatles run around in a field?
6. Who gets shrunk in Help!?
7. What animal scares Ringo, until he gets the others to sing Beethoven's Ninth and it goes away?
8. In what country does Help! end?
9. Which Beatle plays the spaghetti waiter in Magical Mystery Tour?
10. What song do they perform in that movie wearing animal costumes?
11. What do the Blue Meanies drop on people's heads in Yellow Submarine?
12. What song is played during the "Sea of Time" visit?
13. With what song is Jeremy Hillary Boob, Ph.D. associated with?
14. Who put a hole in his pocket?
15. What song do the actual Beatles sing at the end of the movie?
16. What song do the Beatles play three times in Let It Be?
17. Why does the concert get cut short?

Bonus: Who was Help! dedicated to?

Good Luck!!!

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