Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #412 - 1/14/09

1979 - 30 Years Ago

1. Gloria Gaynor spent two weeks at Number One in April 1979 with what anthem of female empowerment?
2. The Madden brothers, Benji and Joel, were both born on March 11, 1979. What band are they members of?
3. Nick Lowe paraphrased Shakespeare in the title of this fall 1979 hit.
4. What are the three parts of "The Rainbow Connection?"
5. When "The Devil Went Down To Georgia," what instrument did he play?
6. He stopped doing "The Hustle" for good on July 6, 1979.
7. What musical question did Joe Jackson ask in the summer of 1979?
8. This New Wave band's first album, released in July 1979, included "Rock Lobster" and "Planet Claire."
9. Who released the Spirits Having Flown album in 1979?
10. They went down the "Highway to Hell" in June 1979.
11. Eleven fans of what band died in a stampede for open seating in December 1979?
12. The Cars released their second album in June 1979. What was it called?
13. Blondie had its first Number One hit in April 1979 with what song?
14. Even the "Rock and Roll Doctor" couldn't help this Little Feat singer when he died on June 29, 1979, of a heart attack.
15. What band had hits with "Lady" and "Lonesome Loser" in 1979?
16. "After The Love Has Gone" was a hit in the late summer of 1979 for what band?
17. Elton John had a summer hit with a song produced by Thom Bell; what was the song?

Bonus: Donna Summer had three Number One songs in 1979 - what were they?

Good Luck!!!

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