Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #409 - 12/24/08

Named Symphonies

Some of the most popular symphonies in the classical world are those which have names, not just numbers. (No, there's no symphony named Hot Streets.) This week, I've given you the composer, the number, and the reason for the name of various symphonies; can you remember the name?

1. Haydn's 94th, because of a very loud and unexpected chord in the second movement
2. Mendelssohn's 3rd, because the second movement is patterned after folk music from that country
3. Bernstein's 3rd, because it includes a Jewish prayer for the dead
4. Mozart's 38th, because of the city it premiered in
5. Haydn's 85th, because it was a favorite of Marie Antoinette
6. Beethoven's 6th, because it is a program work depicting country life
7. Saint-Saens' 3rd, because it includes an instrument not usually found in the orchestra
8. Mahler's 8th, because of the large number of performers necessary to play it
9. Beethoven's 9th, because of the extra performers in the last movement
10. Tchaikovsky's 6th, because it was very emotional
11. Dvorak's 9th, because it was inspired by music the composer heard while in the United States
12. Mozart's 31st, because it was written in that city
13. Shostakovich's 3rd, because he wrote it to celebrate a Soviet holiday
14. Mendelssohn's 5th, because the last movement is inspired by the Lutheran hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"
15. Vaughan Williams' 2nd, because the movements portray different parts of his country's capital city
16. Schubert's 8th, because it only has two movements
17. Haydn's 45th, because the musicians leave the stage gradually in the last movement

Bonus: A Berlioz five-movement piece inspired by his unrequited crush on an actress that depicts a drug trip (and you thought it started with the Dead?)

Good Luck!!!

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