Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #397 - 10/1/08

New Wave City

If you're going to San Francisco during the first weekend of the month, be sure to wear some mousse in your hair, and head over to New Wave City. You'll find it at the DNA Lounge, where you might hear some of these songs. Who are the artists?

1. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
2. "Kids In America"
3. "Boys Don't Cry"
4. "New Song"
5. "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"
6. "Relax"
7. "I Want Candy"
8. "She Sells Sanctuary"
9. "Love Plus One"
10. "People Are People"
11. "Tainted Love"
12. "Space Age Love Song"
13. "Johnny, Are You Queer"
14. "Send Me An Angel"
15. "Black Stations/White Stations"
16. "The Reflex"
17. "Mexican Radio"

Bonus: "AEIOU Sometimes Y"

Good Luck!!!

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