Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #396 - 9/24/08

Greatest Hits

Do you like a lot of songs by one artist, but you don't want to collect a bunch of albums? Then just get a Greatest Hits cd. Chances are you have one or more of these in your collection. I've given you the title of the greatest hits album, you tell me what artist is featured.

1. Big Ones
2. Legend
3. Golden Bisquits
4. Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection
5. Words & Music
6. Echoes
7. Endless Summer
8. The Great Twenty-Eight
9. IX
10. Decade of Decadence
11. Turn It On Again: The Hits
12. Blast From Your Past
13. These Dreams: Greatest Hits
14. Forty Licks
15. History
16. Thank You
17. Songs You Know By Heart

Bonus: What Hits!?

Good Luck!!!

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