Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #392 - 7/23/08

Which Album? Paul McCartney

This week, I've given you three songs from the same album by Paul McCartney (solo or with Wings) - you tell me which album they came from.

1. "Jet," "Bluebird," "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five"
2. "The World Tonight," "Calico Skies," "Little Willow"
3. "Coming Up," "Waterfalls," "Check My Machine"
4. "Too Many People," "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey," "Monkberry Moon Delight"
5. "My Brave Face," "Put It There," "Figure of Eight"
6. "I'm Carrying," "With a Little Luck," "Famous Groupies"
7. "Dance Tonight," "See Your Sunshine," "House of Wax"
8. "The Lovely Linda," "Every Night," "Maybe I'm Amazed"
9. "Take It Away," "Ballroom Dancing," "Here Today"
10. 'From a Lover to a Friend," "About You," "Freedom"
11. "Let 'Em In," "Wino Junko," "Cook of the House"
12. "Bip Bop," "I Am Your Singer," "Dear Friend"
13. "Hope of Deliverance," "Biker Like an Icon," "Get Out of My Way"
14. "Rock Show," "Letting Go," "Listen to What the Man Said"
15. "Say Say Say," "The Other Me," "Hey Hey"
16. "Getting Closer," "Old Siam Sir," "Baby's Request"
17. "My Love," "Little Lamb Dragonfly," "Single Pigeon"

Bonus: "Twenty Flight Rock," "Lucille," "Ain't That a Shame"

Good Luck!!!

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