Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #39 - 11/21/01

Wide World of Sports

What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here? Just a quiz about music that's associated with sports, sports figures, or sports teams. Enjoy this while you're watching the Thanksgiving Day football games, and GO BUCKEYES!

1. According to Johnny Wakelin and the Kinshasa Band, who was the "Black Superman?"
2. What was the baseball-related title of John Fogerty's 1984 comeback album?
3. Who had a rap hit, with Fu-Schnickens, with "What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock?) in 1993?
4. Cheech and Chong had a "Jones" for what sport?
5. What was the title of Mel and Tim's football-related hit?
6. What team recorded the "Super Bowl Shuffle" in 1985?
7. This baseball announcer made a cameo appearance on Meat Loaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Light."
8. According to the Intruders, how come "Love is just like a baseball game?"
9. Who was the first person to have a hit with "Everlasting Love?" He also shares his name with a very accomplished basketball coach.
10. Rod Stewart and Elton John are associated with what sport?
11. What Kurtis Blow song included the lyrics "And number 33, my man, Kareem, is the center on my starting team" ?
12. Simon LeBon, Christopher Cross, and David Crosby are associated with what sport?
13. What pro football team is mentioned, by city and nickname, in the lyrics of the Charlie Daniels Band's "In America?"
15. Who was the only Beach Boy who actually surfed?
16. What bluegrass song is associated with the University of Tennessee's sports teams?
17. Similarly, what 1965 pop hit is associated with Ohio State University football?

Bonus: What Number 1 movie theme from the '80s is actually about a wheelchair athlete?

Good Luck!!!

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