Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #364 - 2/13/08

Musical Math

Math was my least favorite subject in school - it never seemed to relate to anything. What was all that about solving for x and sine and cosine? And the endless sets of problems? And those incomprehensible story problems? Maybe if there had been questions like these, I would have gotten better grades in math.

1.(Year in the title of Tchaikovsky's noisy overture) + (Year in the title of Prince's first Top Ten album)
2. (Number of trombones in Professor Harold Hill's band) - (Number of the letter in a Brothers Johnson song title)
3. Add the numbers in Jenny's phone number.
4. (Days of Christmas) / (Kings of Orient Are)
5. (Luftballons) - (? and the Mysterians' tears)
6. (Bryan Adams' summer) + (Paul Davis' love affair)
7. (Age mentioned in a Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band song) + (Number of the train in a Let It Be song)
8. (Bob Dylan's dream) + (John Lennon's dream)
9. If Casey Jones leaves Central Station at a quarter to nine and hits River Junction at seventeen to, how long did it take him to get to River Junction?
10. At a quarter to ten you know it's traveling again. How long did Casey stay in the station at River Junction?
11. (Miles high in a Byrds song) / (Street in a Bob Dylan song title)
12.(Route where you get your kicks) - (Year of the ol' car in an Eagles song)
13. If George Thorogood drank one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer every night for a week, how many drinks will he have had by the end of the week?
14. (Beatle Days a Week) x (Beatle number repeated in the experimental White Album piece)
15. Add Bob Dylan's Rainy Day Women.
16. (Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony) x (Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony)
17. Jackson Browne's character in "Running on Empty" says, "In '65, I was 17" and "In '69, I was 21." What age will this character turn in 2008?

Bonus: (Chicago's first Number One album) x (Chicago's latest Number One album to date). Express the answer in Roman numerals.

Good Luck!!!

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