Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #362 - 1/30/08

1983 - 25 Years Ago

1. Of "Beat It," "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," or "Beat It," which was not a Number One hit in 1983 for Michael Jackson?
2. Their "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) video featured a woman with an orange crew cut, an early computer, and cows.
3. Who had hits in 1983 with "Let's Dance" and "China Girl?
4. "Every Breath You Take" spent eight weeks at Number One for what band?
5. Which original member of the Beach Boys drowned in December 1983?
6. Billy Joel released an album in 1983 that included several tributes to '50s and '60s groups - what was the album?
7. What record company celebrated its 25th anniversary with a May 1983 television special?
8."Cum On Feel The Noise" was a big summer hit for what band in 1983?
9. This Irish-sounding hit by Dexy's Midnight Runners came out of left field to hit Number One in April 1983
10. What Pat Benatar video from 1983 depicted her as a teenage runaway, and included extra dialogue at the beginning?
11. Her big 2007 hit was "Rehab," and she was born on September 14,1983
12. This group's 1983 album "The Crossing" featured several songs in which guitars are made to sound like bagpipes
13.What 1983 hit starts out with the words "Gunter glieben glauchen globen?"
14. This female singer became the first prominent celebrity to die of complications of anorexia nervosa in February 1983.
15. Where did Toto "bless the rains" in early 1983?
16. What singer headlined a free concert in Central Park during a rainstorm in 1983
17. Who released his "Can't Slow Down" album in October 1983?

Bonus: What did members of the group Kiss do for the first time in 1983?

Good Luck!!!

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