Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #360 - 1/16/08

1973 - 35 Years Ago

1. What singer/songwriter died in a plane crash in Louisiana in September 1973?
2. Paul McCartney and Wings had a Top Ten hit in 1973 with the theme from which James Bond movie?
3. Paul's "My Love" was replaced at Number One by "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" by who?
4. What comedy song about someone who really, really loves basketball was released in October 1973?
5. The music of what composer was featured on the soundtrack of the 1973 movie "The Sting?"
6. What landmark Pink Floyd album was released in March 1973 and spent 741 consecutive weeks on the Billboard album charts?
7. This John Denver hit from 1973 is now one of the official state songs of Colorado.
8. What group got their pictures on the cover of the Rolling Stone in March 1973?
9. What was the first single released from the Chicago VI album?
10. Max Yasgur died on February 8, 1973. What landmark concert is he associated with?
11. This band's "Brothers and Sisters" album was Number One for all of September 1973.
12. What Jamaican band released "Catch A Fire," their first big international hit album, in 1973?
13. "Brother Louie" was a Number One hit for what band in the late summer of 1973?
14. This singer, rapper, and producer (he's one half of The Neptunes) was born on April 5, 1973.
15. Elton John had a Number One hit in February 1973 with a 50s-themed song - what was it?
16. Murray Wilson died on June 4, 1973. With what band was he associated?
17. This Boston band released its first, self-titled album, in January 1973.

Bonus: The bluegrass album "Old and In The Way" was recorded live at the Boarding House in San Francisco in October 1973. Who was the banjoist and who was the mandolinist for the group?

Good Luck!!!

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