Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #36 - 10/31/01

The Grateful Dead

Hey Now! Well, you had to know this one was coming eventually. Have a happy Halloween and see how much you know about one of Becky's Island's favorite artists.

1. What is a Grateful Dead fan called?
2. With what city is the Grateful Dead associated?
3. Who was the Grateful Dead's bass player?
4. Did Robert Hunter generally write with Jerry Garcia or with Bob Weir?
5. What position in the Grateful Dead was the bad-luck slot - three of the band's four players of this instrument died young?
6. What was 710 Ashbury?
7. What Grateful Dead song told the story of the band's touring days, going from Dallas to Buffalo to New Orleans?
8. Which Grateful Dead drummer - Mickey Hart or Bill Kreutzmann - was not in the band from the beginning?
9. Which Grateful Dead album was named after a reptile?
10. Of the following - dancing bears, dancing skeletons, dancing fish, and skulls - which was not an unofficial Grateful Dead symbol?
11. In what country did the Grateful Dead play a much-publicized concert in 1978?
12. What "used to be the heart of town?"
13. Who is the only woman to officially be a member of the Grateful Dead?
14. What was the Grateful Dead's only Top Ten hit?
15. Whose "head's all empty and I don't care?"
16. What happened on August 9, 1995?
17. What is Ratdog?

Bonus: What was the name of the bluegrass band that featured Jerry Garcia on banjo?

Good Luck!!!

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