Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #358 - 1/2/08

1963 - 45 Years Ago

1. "The First Family," a spoof of the Kennedys, was the Number One album for all of January and February 1963. What comedian was it credited to?
2. According to Jan and Dean, where would you find "two girls for every boy?"
3. Their biggest hit of the year was "Walk Like A Man" in March 1963 - not in December 1963.
4. On August 12, 1963, this future rapper's parents said "Baby Got Born."
5. 1963 was a good year for foreign-language hits. In June, Kyu Sakamoto had a Japanese-language song hit Number One for three weeks - what was it?
6. Then, the number one song for all of December 1963 was in French - what was it and who sang it?
7. What country star was killed in a plane crash in Tennessee on March 5, 1963?
8. This Andy Williams album was Number One for sixteen weeks in 1963.
9. What Beatles song was released on Swan Records in September 1963, and was completely ignored at the time?
10. According to Jimmy Soul, what should you do "if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life?"
11. Who were the two named characters in "It's My Party?"
12. The Kingsmen had an infamous hit in the fall of 1963 with what song?
13. When this future singer was born on April 8, 1963, his parents John and Cynthia kept it out of the press in order not to upset John's fans.
14. What instrumental hit by the Surfaris starts with a cracking sound and a giggle?
15.This French singer's "vie en rose" ended on October 11, 1963.
16. They asked if you would "Be My Baby" in September1963.
17. This Motown superstar had his first Number One hit, "Fingertips, Part Two," in August 1963.

Bonus: Who did the London Times name as the "Outstanding Composers of 1963?"

Good Luck!!!

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