Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #352 - 11/21/07

Famous First Words: The Rolling Stones

The first line of a song is sometimes very memorable, and sometimes completely forgettable. This week, see if you can remember the Rolling Stones song from the first line of the lyrics. The titles are not included in the first lines.

1. "What a drag it is getting old!"
2. "Is there nothing I can say, nothing I can do"
3. "I was born in a crossfire hurricane"
4. "Button your lip baby, button your coat"
5. "You're the kind of person you meet at certain dismal, dull affairs"
6. "Oh, a storm is threatening, my very life today"
7. "I live in an apartment on the ninety-ninth floor of my block"
8. "She would never say where she came from"
9. "My, My, My, My, Don't you worry 'bout what's on your mind (Oh my)"
10. "Well, baby used to stay out all night long, she made me cry, she done me wrong"
11. "I've been holding out so long, I've been sleeping all alone"
12. "Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste"
13. "If I could stick my pen in my heart, and spill it all over the stage"
14. "Watching girls go passing by, it ain't the latest thing"
15. "I met a gin soaked barroom queen in Memphis"
16. "Childhood living is easy to do"
17. "Women think I'm tasty, but they're always tryin' to waste me and make me burn the candle right down"

Bonus: "Ev'rywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy"

Good Luck!!!

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