Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #35 - 10/24/01

...And Automobiles

This time, I'll give you the lyric with the car words left out - you fill in the missing words. The number of X's indicates the number of words. And I also will spot you the artist.

1. "She's my XXX, you don't know what I got" (Beach Boys)
2. "As I was motorvatin' over the hill, I saw Maybelline in a XXX" (Chuck Berry)
3. "While riding in my X, what to my surprise" (Playmates) 
4. "A little XX was following me, about one third my size (Playmates)
5. "She's as heavy, as a X, pure excitement, Misled" (Kool and the Gang)
6. "And we'll have fun, fun, fun, till her daddy takes the X away" (Beach Boys)
7. "I get off on a XX, I get off on a screamin' guitar" (Eric Clapton)"
8. "My pappy said, son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin', if you don't stop driving that XXX" (Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen)
9. "Oh-kay, here's the situation, My parents went away on a week's vacation and
They left the keys to the brand new X " (DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince)
10. "Do you wanna ride in my X, boy" (Pebbles)
11. "X Sally, when you gonna slow your X down" (Wilson Pickett)
12. "And eleven long-haired friends of Jesus in a XX" (C.W. McCall)
13. "Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, X, television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe " (Billy Joel)
14. "She's gonna love me in my XX and that's all right with me" (Sammy Johns)
15. "Though you may not drive, a great big X" (William DeVaughn)
16."We learned about love in the back of a X" (Harry Chapin)
17. "Little red X, baby you're much too fast" (Prince)

Bonus: "Lost now in the country miles in his X, I can tell by the way you smile he is rolling back" (Grateful Dead)

Good Luck!!!

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