Becky's Island Music Trivia Quiz #346 - 10/10/07

Album Cover Art II

We've done this one before: I give you a description of the album cover art, you tell me what album it is. This quiz is dedicated to the memory of Ralph Hunter, a great artist in his own right. We will miss you, Ralphie!

1. Banana painting with caption "Peel slowly and see" and artist's name
2. Man bends over at waist and smashes bass guitar
3.Guitar-shaped spaceship in space on a collision course with organ pipe-shaped spaceship
4. Photo of man carrying a bundle of sticks on his back hanging on wall
5. Band logo carved into dark brown wood
6. Sitting cherub writes in book in front of Michelangelo-like drawing
7. Photo of singer's face obscured with clouds and fog
8. Guitarist stands on left side of cover and leans on sax player's back
9. Drawing of rainbow with two pots of gold on either side of globe, as shoe with hole steps onto Spain
10. One-eyed man in red straitjacket and grey welding mask
11. Cemetery full of white crosses with band logo in sky above
12. Enormous fruit in back of truck
13. Drawing of singer in concentric orange and white circles
14. Inflatable pink pig flies over power station
15. Burning skyscraper in gun sight
16. Band members sleep using British flag as a blanket
17. Singer and girlfriend walk down New York street arm in arm

Bonus: Smoking man wearing striped shirt walks down street past old car parked on opposite side

Good Luck!!!

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